Dreamweaver CS4 Tutorial Video

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case-disks1Dreamweaver CS4 Tutorial Video – Free Preview




Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 Training Video
This tutorial series gives you everything you need to know to take control of Adobe’s latest offering of its web development software.  Each expert-led video lesson is presented in a user-friendly format, based on practical working files and a teaching method based on showing you and not just telling you what you’re supposed to do.  Suitable for beginner and intermediate users, the course starts with the fundamentals, getting you absolutely comfortable with CS4’s basic functions and new user interface before moving on to the advanced tips and techniques that will help you design, build, and launch professional quality applications and documents for the web.

Web History: The Old Compromise
Once upon a time, if you wanted to design a website from scratch you had a choice to make.  Either you could buy the latest books for HTML and JavaScript and hack away in a text editor, or you could use a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) visual editing program and piece it together like a Powerpoint presentation. 
In the first situation, you had control over even the smallest elements of your project, but the learning curve was steep, there was constant switching between your project and web browsers, and it took forever.  With the visual editors, the program took care of the coding for you, but your design options were limited, and the code notoriously sloppy: full of technical inefficiencies and frequently noncompliant with web standards.  Years after most web designers had begun using CSS to control the layout of their web pages, the WYSIWYG clients were still using the cumbersome method of inserting invisible tables and padding into the user’s documents.

Dreamweaver CS4: No Compromises Necessary
Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 settles any debate.  While it began as a basic WSIWYG program in 1997 with many of the pitfalls mentioned above, Dreamweaver has evolved into a mature piece of equipment for anyone serious about web design.
First and foremost a tool for professionals, Dreamweaver CS4 has the robust feature set today’s web designers and programmers require. With its new interactive Live View feature, both the code and the results are in full view side-by-side in separate panes, with the live rendering powered by the excellent open-source, standards-compliant WebKit engine.  As the web has become a major platform for applications, Adobe has beefed up Dreamweaver’s support for Ajax and JavaScript frameworks, and has integrated Subversion open-source version control and Adobe AIR authoring support.
Since acquiring Dreamweaver parent Macromedia in 2005, Adobe has focused on integrating the program with its award-winning software line.  In Dreamweaver CS4 (the second official release as part of Adobe’s Creative Suite), the user interface has been changed to improve consistency across the suite.  Building on CS3, Adobe has increased Photoshop integration further with its support for Smart Objects, giving web programmers who focus on design even more control over their graphics workflow.
Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 combined with the powerful training our tutorials provide is the perfect solution for those who want to be on the cutting edge of today’s web.

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