Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 Tutorial Video – Training

case-disks1Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 Tutorial Video

These Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 Tutorials offer an excellent way to learn this powerful web development tool. Led by a professional instructor, the hands-on course includes a set of work files that let you actively follow each lesson as you watch.


Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 Training Video – Tutorials

This unique Adobe Dreamweaver Tutorial Video series provides a useful, no-nonsense introduction to this powerful web development platform. Featuring hands-on examples and straightforward walkthroughs, users learn how the program works by seeing it in action and following from their own computers. Written and presented by James Gonzalez, this tutorial course offers a compelling introduction to Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 and the new features that come with it.

Dreamweaver CS5: Formats for the Future

As the internet continues to expand and evolve, so must the software used for web-bassed development. Fortunately, the engineers behind Adobe Dreamweaver are proving once again that they’re up to the challenge, with new support for popular formats and functionality that are defining the way people use the web.

Web standards for communication and construction are historically a point of debate, compromise, and more debate that in the end is settled by the user. While companies and professional groups often strive for open source or non-proprietary standards and formats, it doesn’t matter to the user as long as it works. After years of this battle, the web has become a hybrid of private and public, open source and proprietary, but most importantly web interfaces have become more user-friendly and more intuitive as a result.

For a designer, this means there are many different options for doing the same thing, which is a blessing and a curse. For its part, Dreamweaver CS5 offers support for more tools, extensions and formats than ever before. Integrated CMS functionality lets users work with Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal with ease, and enhanced support for Subversion allows greater collaboration between developers as well superior as version control.

Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 Tutorial Video

If you’re just getting started with Dreamweaver and its robust format support, it can be confusing where to start. The program is packed with features, and the menus and control panels can be confusing to those who haven’t used the program before. The Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 Training Video course makes it easy, taking you step by step through the software interface and the practical process of development and design. Even those who have worked with older versions of Dreamweaver will find the tutorial engaging and full of  time-saving tips.

These Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 tutorials demonstrate the specific skills needed to create websites with the program. Because the training takes a practical focus, the lessons never bog down with overly technical definitions or needless filler. As he shows you how to design and implement different elements of design, instructor Gonzalez also draws from his professional experience to help users avoid common mistakes that often discourage beginners.

For a full index of topics covered in the Dreamweaver tutorials and several free demo videos, check out the full course at the link below:

Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 Tutorial Video

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Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 Tutorial Video – Training CD

case-disks1Adobe Premiere CS5 Tutorial Video

These Adobe Premiere CS5 Tutorial videos are the ideal way for users to quickly advance their working knowledge of this powerful video editing application. Taught by a leading Adobe expert, practical working files also accompany this self-paced CAD training series.




Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 Tutorial Video

A new Adobe Premiere Pro video course lets users learn real world video editing skills from an experienced videographer and trainer. The tutorials highlight basic skills as well as the exciting new features Adobe has included with its latest release.

New to Premiere Pro CS5: Adobe’s Mercury Playback Engine

The most anticipated new features of Adobe Premiere Pro and for many users the entire Creative Suite 5 are the hardware optimizations for both the Mac and Windows versions of Premiere. At the heart of the update is 64-bit technology and multi-core support, allowing powerful modern CPUs to ease the burden of rendering and effects processing. In addition to this support, Adobe has implemented new options for graphics cards, leveraging the efficiencies in Nvidia’s CUDA technology for processing high definition content. In combination, these changes have amounted to what Adobe is calling the Mercury Playback Engine.
While major software revisions typically mean lower performance on older hardware, systems with the proper processor and graphics configurations can see their large projects open up to ten times faster due to the power of the native 64-bit software design. Another goal of the Mercury Playback Engine is reduced rendering time, and in some cases, the complete elimination of rendering for previews of sequences utilizing certain effects. Color correction and motion control, for example, are handled directly by the compatible Nvidia GPU and displayed in real time.
Even users without the recommended video cards will notice improvements in rendering efficiency and results. With Premiere Pro CS5, the software engineers at Adobe have once again listened to feedback from their professional user base to bring practical improvements to their product line.

Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 Tutorial Video

This Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 Tutorial Video course focuses on new features as well as the core functionality used every day. Developed as a complete skills tutorial for beginners and intermediate users, it is an excellent solution for digital video newcomers and those who may have used other video editing software in the past.
Led by top instructor Mark Struthers, the Premiere Pro training video series offers expert guidance through the entire creative cycle, starting initially with configuration and import considerations and going through titling, output formats and more. Some of the topics included within these hands-on lessons are Creative Razor Editing, Markers and Notes, Photoshop Imports, Rendering, Spacial Properties, Keyframing, Utilizing Audio, Adding Textual Effects, and more.
One unique aspect of the Premiere Pro CS5 Tutorial Video is its ability to serve as a quick and easy reference even after you have finished the course. Because the training is split into 108 subject-focused lessons, it’s quite easy to review any topic in a matter of minutes. This allows you to continue improving your understanding and skills, well after your first viewing of the training course.
Ordering options include a standard training package on CD / DVD shipped to your home or business as well as a new streaming video option that lets viewers instantly watch from any broadband-enabled computer. More information and a free demo are available online Adobe Illustrator CS5 Training video

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AutoCAD 2011 Tutorial Video – Training CD / DVD

case-disks1AutoCAD 2011 Tutorial Video

These AutoCAD 2011 Tutorial videos are the ideal way for users to quickly advance their working knowledge of this powerful 3D modeling application. Taught by a leading AutoCAD expert, practical working files also accompany this self-paced CAD training series.




Architects AutoCAD 2011 Tutorial Video – Training CD / DVD

The AutoCAD 2011 tutorial series provides users with an engaging and effective way to learn this software. Incorporating real working files with a step by step video interface, viewers receive practical guidance in an intuitive way that has been shown to increase skill retention and decrease the time required to learn.

AutoCAD: A Strong History and Stronger Future

With over 25 years in production, AutoCAD is the go-to software tool for many thousands of architects and designers worldwide. Its introduction shifted the way design work was distributed and done by allowing individual workers to accomplish more while at the same time opening opportunities for more effective methods of collaboration. It also brought down costs by allowing CAD to move from expensive proprietary machines to standard personal computers. The impact of this near-unversal program continues to evolve to this day.
With the assistance of AutoCAD, architects and structural engineers are accomplishing more than ever. And the projects being developed are more than just traditionally blocked-out businesses and homes. AutoCAD as a platform has continued to grow with various industries fueling development and change. While the program can easily handle more basic work, it is also being actively used to create cutting edge designs for different types of stadiums, shopping complexes, integrated structures and whole neighborhoods designed for mixed use. Buildings with bold edges and layouts previously associated with 3D modeling tools can be planned and prepared with AutoCAD 2011, as Autodesk software developers continue to update the core functionality to meet the needs of professional users.

AutoCAD 2011 Tutorial Video – Training CD / DVD

In this Architects AutoCAD Tutorial Video series, you will learn how to use the software by seeing it in use. There’s no homework, no tests. While it incorporates classroom quality guidance from a professional instructor, the training takes a much more practical one-on-one approach. By viewing techniques and concepts as they are directly demonstrated in the AutoCAD 2011 workspace, you are able to gain a natural understanding of the way the program’s features and tools are supposed to work. Perfect for the beginner, this AutoCAD tutorial goes through the fundamentals and lays the groundwork for further exploration, creativity, and functional use. At the same time, the training offers a wealth of information for more established architects interested in getting up to speed with the software’s latest version.
Within the unique video lessons, you can expect to find an impressive range of topics and skill demonstrations. Starting with the user interface, you get a tour of the primary menu and ribbon options, with advice for configuring AutoCAD to your own preferences. From there, instructor Shaun Bryant introduces Drafting Tools and Settings, Modelspace and Paperspace Configuration, Navigation, Creating Titles and Annotations, 3D Blocks, Rendering, Plotting, Publishing and more. The program’s new features receive a great deal of attention throughout the 108 lessons.
The AutoCAD 2011 Tutorial Video series can be ordered as a CD / DVD training package, or it can be viewed streaming online through an affordable monthly subscription option. More information, including a full breakdown of lessons, is available on the AutoCAD course page.

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Beginners FileMaker 11 Training DVD – Tutorial Videos

case-disks1FileMaker 11 Tutorial Video

These Beginners FileMaker Tutorial videos are the ideal way for users to quickly advance their working knowledge of this powerful Database application. Taught by a leading FileMaker expert, practical working files also accompany this self-paced training series.


FileMaker 11 Tutorial Video

This Beginners FileMaker 11 Tutorial Video is designed to help new users gain a comfortable working familiarity with the software. As it is the first tutorial video in a multi-course series, it is not meant to cover every aspect of FileMaker, but it does address an impressive range of tasks and techniques, all aimed at the novice user.
With onscreen narration provided by longtime FileMaker script developer and power user John Mark Osbourne, the training videos offer useful tips based upon real world experience. At the center of this tutorial video is the development of a functioning Contacts solution, pulling together multiple skills that will serve users in any aspect of FileMaker usage. Written so that even someone who has never used FileMaker can follow along, complex techniques are split into simple steps, and everything is explained one point at a time. However, even experienced users can benefit from the training as it sets up the early stages of the invoicing project at the center of the later tutorial instalments.
Topics covered include Creating a Database, Finding and Sorting, Modifying Layouts, Scripting, Reports, and more. The tutorial comes on CD / DVD or as streaming video for subscribers of the unlimited online service, all options allow you to learn FileMaker at your own speed.

FileMaker 11: Charting a New Course

Because it allowed easy, automated access to a variety of data types, FileMaker has always been seen as a natural companion to user-created charts and graphs. While in the past this was achievable primarily through third party extensions and scripts or simply exporting the information into Microsoft Excel and other software solutions, FileMaker 11 now has the built-in capability to create instant visual representations of user data sets.
Accessible through a native, wizard-based interface that walks you through a number of options, the charts offer a variety of style choices and color considerations that will help you customize the appearance of your presentations for almost any effect you desire. With support for Bar, Line, Area, and Pie charts, the program brings a significant amount of value added without a major increase in difficulty for the end user. Once your business data has been incorporated into Filemaker and compatible filetypes, you can track sales performance numbers, progress reports, market analyses and more through the dynamic chart functionality and easily share your information with others.
The instant Web Publishing option built into FileMaker Pro 11 is the perfect complement to the chart and graph functionality. By giving you a simple and effective way to put up-to-date information into the hands of those who need it, the new features in FileMaker transform the application from a multi-purpose organization application into a true business intelligence tool.
When these improvements are considered in combination with new options for creating spreadsheet-like summaries and reports, the impressive range of what is possible for the power user extends even further. While the new features are relatively easy to use, FileMaker is still a large, versatile platform and having the right introduction will certainly help.
FileMaker 11 Blog

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2010 AutoCAD Electrical Tutorial Videos – Training CD

case-disks1AutoCAD Electrical Tutorial Video

These AutoCAD Electrical Tutorial videos are the ideal way for users to quickly advance their working knowledge of this powerful 3D modeling application. Taught by a leading AutoCAD expert, practical working files also accompany this self-paced CAD training series.


AutoCAD Electrical 2010 Tutorial Video

This AutoCAD Electrical 2010 Tutorial Video has been written from the ground up to show users how this unique software solution can change the way they work. As the AutoCAD product lineup continues to evolve into ever more useful applications, it’s important that users learn how specific features and tools apply to their areas of interest and expertise.
In particular, AutoCAD Electrical was developed as a solution for designers of electrical control systems. Handling everything from customized circuit design to detailed logs and resource reports, this robust platform boosts the effectiveness of the standard AutoCAD package and allows users to also work in conjunction with applications like Autodesk Inventor, as well. With a built-in library of 650,000 electrical symbols and components, this isn’t just a repackaging of AutoCAD but a thorough revision meant to reflect actual workflows and the real world design challenges electrical engineers face on a daily basis.
In this effective tutorial video series, Autodesk certified instructor Shaun Bryant discusses the differences between the regular version of AutoCAD and this specialized software and gives users a hands-on introduction to how the program’s tools and features are best put to use. In addition to covering standard circuit layout and design, Bryant shows you how to customize settings to fit your specific needs and project goals. Significant time is also devoted to the troubleshooting and reporting features that come with the program.

Interoperability and Migration

Perhaps one of the most remarkable features of AutoCAD Electrical is the compatibility the software provides for working with a number of program and file types. The developers at AutoDesk know that in order to share ideas and make the best end-products possible, designers would need a program can function within an already existing workflow and communicate with other common platforms.
For example, detailed, data-rich electrical control designs produced in Autodesk Inventor Professional can be handled in AutoCAD Electrical with ease. 3D product designs can be quickly converted into accurate 2D schematics in simple steps, allowing two-way interoperability that streamlines prototyping and any subsequent revisions.
For users who are migrating from the standard edition of AutoCAD, AutoCAD Electrical offers robust support for the DWG file format, and includes a number of tools that make the transition as painless as possible. The Migration Utility allows you to import your preferred settings and data, and the program includes special functionality that lets you take electrical designs made in AutoCAD and convert them into intelligent, usable files for AutoCAD Electric.
With the measures Autodesk has taken to ensure seamless upgrades, the only question to engineering firms should be one of cost. And when savings are calculated on the basis of the time employees will be able to save through the use of more efficient features and tools, this decision, too, is a simple one. The right software, combined with the right personnel training, can increase profits and productivity in a surprisingly short amount of time.

So if you’re looking to learn AutoCAD Electrical at your own pace this is the training video for you, why not visit our site and check out the free demos : AutoCAD Electrical Tutorial Videos

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Poser 8 Tutorial Video – Training CD

case-disks1Poser 8 Tutorial Video

These Poser 8 Tutorial videos are the ideal way for users to quickly advance their working knowledge of this powerful 3D modeling application. Taught by a leading Poser expert, practical working files also accompany this self-paced training series.




Poser 8 Tutorial Video

This Poser 8 Tutorial Video offers a unique and engaging way to learn this powerful 3D software suite. With a number of new software and hardware optimizations, the latest version is the most powerful release to date, letting you easily set up characters and environments that can hold their own as standalone projects or become incorporated within larger video and film projects.
The strength of poser has always been its efficient user interface and its built-in objects and characters, and Poser 8 sees significant improvement in both of these areas. Smith Micro’s acquisition of the program is already paying off, as new life has been breathed into this long-respected application. With Poser 8 new fully posable, photorealistic human characters and hundreds of animals, objects and props, it’s not just a basic modeling tool but a CG manipulation platform that can stand on its own or fit right into a professional 3D animation workflow.
Led by longtime design pro Dwayne Ferguson, this video tutorial addresses a number of key topics, from the basics of working in 3D and user interface essentials to adding props and working with lighting settings and customized program options to make your creations truly unique. Sample files are included as part of the tutorial course, and you have the option to watch the training videos online or order a hardcopy edition on CD / DVD. Ideal for users who want to learn Poser at their own pace.

Poser 8 Training
A clear interface makes learning Poser 8 easy and enjoyable

Poser 8: Creativity and Content Management

Organization is one point that is not often considered when talking about design work, but any professional or skilled amateur knows that it is essential in any project of even moderate complexity. When working with multiple layers, objects and characters, having an intuitive, efficient way to access different aspects is essential.
The revamped library and content management system in Poser 8 can be accessed by quick keyword searches. Quick buttons let you perform library management functions like adding poses and figures or removing elements from your permanent collection. A cascading, dynamic menu system allows you to seamlessly browse and access usable items, and smart buttons expand to reveal pertinent information when they are selected. Because it ships with over 2.5 GB of prepared content, the CMS functionality is especially fitting. Because of the wealth of built-in materials, even beginners can start piecing together compelling stuff in a minimal amount of time.
While the included figures are posable and ready to use, they are also easy to modify for more unique applications. The program’s Morph Tool lets you stretch and shape the built-in characters to your liking, whether you want to scale them large or small or exaggerate specific body features such as arms or legs. Once your character is the way you want it to look, you can build a 3D environment from within poser, or export your creation into a program like Maya or Adobe Photoshop to blend in with textured backgrounds you’ve already prepared.
As easy as it can be for beginners to use, the sheer number of options and tools at your disposal still make Poser 8 a bit of a challenge. This intuitive Poser 8 Tutorial Video can make the process significantly easier, and teach you some useful tricks along the way. Poser 8 Training Blog

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Apple Logic Pro 9 Tutorial Video – Training CD

case-disks1Apple Logic Pro 9 Tutorial Video

These Apple Logic Pro 9 Tutorial videos are the ideal way for users to quickly advance their working knowledge of this powerful application. Taught by a leading Apple Logic expert, practical working files also accompany this self-paced training series.




Apple Logic Pro 9 Tutorial – Training Video

This Apple Logic Pro 9 Tutorial Video offers a unique introductory tool for beginners and a solid reference for those with more experience. Based on an interactive video format that is a natural fit for multimedia software, this is a hands-on course that people at multiple levels will appreciate.
The multi-part tutorial starts with a short overview of Logic and its latest features, and then takes the logical approach of walking users through a complete audio production project. Files are included on the course CD / DVD or offered as downloads for those watching online, and the videos are structured so following along is straightforward. The training video is narrated by Sam McGuire, an audio professional who anchors the course in industry-standard techniques.
While it does not cover Logic Pro in exhaustive detail, it offers something quite a bit more useful. With all of the plug-ins and tools available, Logic can be quite confusing if you’re trying to learn everything at once. This practical tutorial zones in on the most essential elements of the software’s feature set and gives a hands-on walkthrough of a standard workflow. As mentioned, the course can be bought on CD / DVD or viewed online through subscriber service. A full list of topics covered and a number of free samples are available on the product site.

New to Apple Logic Pro 9

…Amp Designer and Pedalboard. No doubt catering to the wide number of guitarists using Logic, the Amp Designer is a new feature that allows for a wide range of realistic guitar tones and effects. With a number of presets for cabinet and tone settings, Apple software engineers have outdone themselves in producing a new level of realism in bringing a rich guitar sound into the Logic software suite. Stylish skins for individual amp types are also a visual bonus that shows off how much effort was put into this new module. The new Pedalboard functionality extends the creative options even further.
…Edit in Soundtrack. Logic 9 now has an unparalleled level of cross compatibility with Apple Soundtrack Pro. The Soundtrack interface is just a quick keystroke combination away from the Logic workspace and gives you convenient options for adding effects to individual tracks within multi-track projects. Any changes made to the tracks are instantly applied in both of the program interfaces, making it quite easy to make quick fixes across a workflow. If this sounds scary, the changes made are reversible with a few clicks and non-destructive to original audio sources.
The Bottom Line
In addition to introducing a number of new extensions and features, existing functionality has been significantly improved. Those making the purchase will find not only a wide range of tools at their disposal, but also a professional quality solution for almost any problem encountered in daily use.
The Apple Logic Pro Training Video covers all of program’s newest and most utilized features throughout the tutorial, with tips and advice you simply can’t find in any other guide.

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